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A verified Bot written in JS for Discord | #BLACKLIVESMATTER


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informations about lola

The Bot will be online 24/7 without any type of crashes, currently you can use over 60 commands, to use the commands use the Prefix o! and a command name. Example: o!dice Should you have any problems or questions, you can use o!support to get an invite link into our Support Server.
Side Informations
Lola uses the Library of discord.js
Any Update will be mentioned inside Lola's Rich Presence(Activity Status)
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Link of Support Server: Support
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changelog | updates

Monday, 11th May 2020: Updated botinfo, userinfo & serverinfo commandsTuesday, 12th May 2020: Updated the Help command (new style)Tuesday, 12th May 2020: Categorized all command correctly.Wednesday, 13th May 2020: Added a new command: animeThursday, 14th May 2020: Added a new command: urbanFriday, 15th May 2020: Updated ping command (more clearly)Friday, 15th May 2020: Added a new command: uptimeSaturday, 16th May 2020: Updated Joke command, and added a second command: cnjokeSaturday, 16th May 2020: Updated meme command (embed update)Monday, 18th May 2020: Added a new command called matchTuesday, 19th May 2020: invite and support got revisedWednesday, 20th May 2020: Small bug fixes and new command added cattoThursday, 21th May 2020: Revised botinfo and serverinfo commandThursday, 21th May 2020: Added 2 new commands: rps and owoFriday, 22th May 2020: Updated hole commandSaturday, 23th May 2020: Changed command saiyangod into uiSaturday, 23th May 2020: Small bug fixes, edited embed of Help CommandSunday, 24th May 2020: Changed Hosting ServiceSunday, 24th May 2020: Fixed bugs of cookie commandMonday, 25th May 2020: Added 2 new commands covidg and covidWednesday, 27th May 2020: Fixed bugs, edited diceMonday, 01st June 2020: Updated command discordmemesTuesday, 2nd June 2020: Changed Hosting ServiceTuesday, 2nd June 2020: Updated command covidg -> covid allWednesday, 03rd June 2020: Updated command 8ball revised command to v3 -> 8bThursday, 11th June 2020: Bug fixes & backup files uploaded


Utility Commands (8)

userinfo - Show's the Avatar of the mentioned User

serverinfo - Gives you Informations about the Server

guildicon - Shows the Icon of the Server

avatar - Send's you a Invite Link for the Bot

anime - Shows Informations about the mentioned Anime

urban - Surf through the Urban Dictionary! (only in a NSFW channel)

covid all - Shows Global COVID-19 Cases

covid (country) - Shows COVID-19 of the Country

Bot Commands (6)

help - Sends you a list of all commands the bot uses

ping - See the ping of the Bot

botinfo - All informations about the Bot will be listed

invite - Sends you a Invite Link for the Bot via DM's

support - Sends you a Invite Link for the Support Server via DM's

uptime - Shows how long the Bot is online.

Moderations Commands (7)

warn [@user] [reason] - Warn's the mentioned User

kick [@user] [reason] - Kick's the mentioned User from the Server

ban [@user] [reason] - Ban's the mentioned User from the Server

tempmute [@user] [s/m/h] - Mute's the mentioned User

report [@user] [reason] - Report's the mentioned User

purge [any number] - Clear's the Chat

Image Commands (12)

pepe - Sends you some Pepe Pictures & Gifs

wack - This is wack!

derp - If you feel dumb sometimes, use this command

derptle - I was always wondering about how the Ninja Turtles would look like a derp

quotes - Some inspiring quotes will be shown

doggo - Cute doggo pictures

randomavatar - Send random discord/forum avatars you may find something cool

coffee - Sometimes you deserved a drink

sad - Sadness is an Part of us

cry - Tears are coming from our Heart, not from our Brain.

delet - DELET this! (meme)

catto - Randomized Cat Pictures!

dance - Show your awesome moves!

Anime / Reaction Commands (10)

kiss - Kisses the user you have mentioned

kill - Kills the user you have mentioned

slap - Slaps the user you have mentioned

lick - Licks the user you have mentioned

emote - Shows some emotes, maybe some of them fits the current situation ;)

hug - Hugs the user you have mentioned

sayian - If you're angry, it might triggers your Saiyan KI

saiyangod - And if you're angrier than before, it might gives you a GOD KI

animegif - Shows you some Anime GIF's (no nsfw)

animepic - Shows you some random anime pictures (no nsfw)

Fun Commands (16)

meme - Shows you some random reddit memes

8b - It might gives you an answer for every question you have

battle - Let's have a Pokémon Battle

hole - Trust me, don't use it.

discordmemes - Shows you random memes about our beloved platform discord

roast - Roasts the mentioned user immediately

rate - Rates any User you've mentioned

roulette - Play some roulette, but take care you might not survive it

mock - Mention a user, and see what happens :D

beautiful - A little beautiful calculator, for every user who got mentioned

fmk - Such an old trend coming up, just mention a User and see what happens

dice - Role the dice, will you hit the 6?

joke - Tells you some random jokes

flip - Coin flipping yey!

dead - random ''wasted'' memes

cnjoke - Random Chuck Norris Jokes

match - Love Calculating between 2 Users

Text Commands (6)

lenny - Some good old lenny faces (randomized)

cadge - Steal something from the Bot, take care she's poor sometimes ;)

beartext - Some bear faces, they're cute! (randomized)

ascii - Asciifys every text you've putted in

fliptext - Flips your text, try it :)

rps - Rock.. Paper.. Scissors!

owo - You know..

cookie - Gift someone a cookie!

NSFW Commands (4

Remember, those Commands are only available in a NSFW Channel!

hentais - Shows some random Hentai GIF's

neko - Some neko pictures for everyone

pawg - Some Pictures & GIF's for booty lovers

gif - Randomized NSFW GIF's